Bioconversion of biogas into ectoine

Bioconversion of biogas into ectoine in high-mass transfer bioreactors

The research carried out by UVA is validating the continuous ectoine production from biogas and biomilking process and is providing the best design configuration and new insights on the optimal operational conditions of it.

Bioconversion of biogas into ectoine

Highlights from the conversion of biogas into ectoine

  1.  An effective halotolerant microbial consortium capable of accumulating ectoine was enriched.
  2.  Biogas bioconversion into ectoine in bubble column reactors with internal gas recycling was achieved.
  3.  An innovative ectoine bio-milking process has been validated in methanotrophs.

A one stage and two-stage processes devoted to biogas bioconversion to ectoine were validated. The influence of nitrogen loading rate, internal gas recirculation and bio-milking process was investigated, which allowed conducing the basic engineering of the demo scale plants. The process optimized allowed converting 85 % of the CH4 provided and supported an effective growth of halotolerant methanotrophs containing 3-4 % of ectoine.

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