Project update: Cellulose recovered from sewage sludge

With the development of this process to decontaminate and saccharified cellulose it will be possible to use renewable sources from waste management and wastewater treatment for the biosynthesis and bioproduction of new biomaterials.

Work is currently underway to improve the efficiency and maximize the performance of the proposed process on a pilot scale. The process parameters and variables will be improved and optimised, allowing to work in a semi-continuous or even continuous approach.


1.     Cellulose recovered from sewage sludge has been successfully decontaminated and saccharified.

2.     More than 85 pollutant from a wide variety of sources have been identified and quantified and though an efficient and sustainable process, more than 90% of then have been removed.

3. Following this step, an efficient method for saccharification of this decontaminated cellulose has been developed in order to obtain high concentrated 2ºG sugars solution for new biomaterials production.

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