Video about CNFs and cellullose enzymatic hydrolisis by ITENE: on the way from cellulose to polymer

Cristina González Buch, from DEEP PURPLE partner ITENE research center specialised in packaging, explains the process of treating the cellulose extracted from the wastewater in DEEP PURPLE, and preparing it for other project partners to take over from there.

In the DEEP PURPLE project ITENE is defining  decontamination procedures for the cellulose recovered from wastewater and sewage sludge, and:

  1. Through an enzymatic hydrolysis process, the cellulose is transformed into fermentable sugars, to be used by another project partner to create a bio-polymer precursor.
  2. Decontaminated cellulose is bleached, using a typical process of the paper industry, and reduced to a micrometric size, to be used by another project partner to become a polymer additive (to improve the final polymer).