Deep Purple participates in the International Water Association World Water Congress and Exhibition (IWA WWCE) in Copenhagen, Denmark

The International Water Association World Water Congress and Exhibition (IWA WWCE) is the most significant water-related event worldwide and is held once in two years. In this edition, members from two of our partners participated and presented the progress and findings from their work on Deep Purple.

Patricia Zamora, Aqualia, participated in the congress with the poster about PPB biomass production and wastewater treatment in anaerobic raceways titled “Low-cost wastewater treatment for small populations using Purple Phototrophic Bacteria in anaerobic photobioreactors.” She also presented Deep Purple’s results in the workshop “High-value products based on carbon in wastewater – how do we select and is it sustainable?” within the congress program. This workshop aimed to give an overview of high-value products based on carbon in the wastewater, essential points to consider, and a model for prioritizing, including sustainability and requirements from the end users and authorities.

David Renfrew, Brunel University London, presented the Holistic Circularity Assessment Of A Biorefinery Process Utilising An Action-oriented Approach. His work detailed the methodology developed at Brunel University for completing circularity assessments of wastewater treatment and biorefinery processes. The initial results of the circularity assessment of a standalone Deep Purple wastewater treatment facility producing PPB biomass fertilizer were also presented.

IWA WWCE brings stakeholders and key contacts within the conventional water sector. Core water sector groups, such as those focused on urban water and urban water services, as well as participants from industry and agriculture, architects and urban planners, soil and groundwater experts and hydrologists, social scientists, the ICT sector, the financial sector, and others. The 2022 edition included multiple forums, a high-level political summit, and the utility operations challenge.