DEEP PURPLE starts drafting a standard on value-added products made from municipal waste

Standardisation is a voluntary cooperation among industry, consumers, public authorities and other interested parties for the development of technical specifications based on consensus.

The European Union has an active standardisation policy that promotes standardisation in support of Better Regulation and as a tool for European competitiveness. Voluntary, consensus-based standards play a major role in promoting innovative products and services by facilitating access to market, reducing costs, enabling interoperability between new and existing products, services and processes, creating large scale markets, building confidence among consumers and disseminating research results.

UNE, the Spanish standardisation organisation, is leading the activities related with standards in DEEP PURPLE. UNE’s main objective is to facilitate the acceptance and utilization by the market of the developed solutions.

In the frame of that main objective, the drafting of a new standardization document on Extraction, production and purification of added value products from urban wastes has been agreed. The standardization document will be developed in two parts:
–        Production and purification of ectoine obtained from biogas
–        Extraction and purification of PHA biopolymers

The KOM of the workshop agreement took place last 17th of May. The experts involved appointed Mª Rosario Rodero from UVA as chairperson and Jose Luis Moltó from ACTIVATEC, as vicechair person.

The draft documents are expected to be submitted to CEN next October for a 30-day public comments period. After the analysis of received comments, the final document will be available on CEN CENELEC website.

Additional information is available on CEN website and also can also be requested to UNE at email address