Exploring Sustainable Agriculture: Engaging Local Farmers in Linares, Spain.

Local farmers and agricultural cooperatives convened at the Linares demo site for an informative session that included a tour of the demonstrative photobiorefinery. The session was led by Aqualia‘s Victor Monsalvo, Javier Delgado, Patricia Zamora, and Daniel Puyol from the University Rey Juan Carlos– The goal of the session was to highlight the possible advantages of using biomass from photobiorefineries (PPBs) as a starting point for biofertilizers.
As a teaching aid, the demonstrative photobiorefinery gave participants a close-up look at the procedures used to turn PPB biomass into biofertilizers. The DEEP PURPLE team emphasized this novel technique’s environmental and sustainability benefits.
Plans are in place to start prospective field trials in the future. Verifying the suitability of PPB biomass as a raw material for the industrial manufacture of biofertilizers will be a major task accomplished by these trials. This is a big step in the right direction for the agricultural industry to really use bioproducts from biorefineries.
As local farmers explore new avenues for enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of their practices, The utilization of PPB biomass in biofertilizer production not only presents an eco-friendly solution but also opens doors to a more circular and sustainable agricultural model.