Project Partners

Activatec Ltd

biobased ingredients from renewable sources

Activatec Ltd (Nottingham, UK) develops biobased ingredients from renewable sources. Activatec is specialised in the evaluation, scale-up and commercialisation of processes to produce biotechnological and plant-based ingredients for cosmetics, nutraceutical and pharma and from currently unused and low-value organic sources.

Activatec’s mission is to provide sustainable innovations to overcome the consumption challenge faced by the growing global population, and to meet the need to become less dependent on non-renewable ingredients and products.

Activatec counts on a proficient team of chemical and biochemical engineers and researchers with experience in the industrial biotech that works to provide a confidential service with an efficient and high-quality product output:

What they do

  • Identify and evaluate the products to be targeted, technology screening and assessment.
  • Demonstrate the technical feasibility and Proof of Concept to client-defined specs.
  • Develop the up-scaled manufacturing process flowsheet.
  • Identify potential hazards and operability problems and regulatory requirements.
  • Specify the equipment, operation conditions and streams, calculate the detailed material and energy balances, prepare preliminary cost estimations and the business case.
  • Managing effectively contractors, scheduling and managing project phases.

Activatec has experience in R&D partnerships with industry and research institutes, managing and participating in both local and international collaborative projects. Activatec is a member of the BioVale cluster that promotes and develops the bioeconomy in the UK.

Role in Project

The research staff involved will be in charge of the optimisation of the conditions and techniques to extract and purify the PHAs and ectoine. The engineers will then scale-up and design the equipment for their use in the pilot plant. Activatec will develop the strategies for ectoine and PHAs production in order to provide with the materials with enough quality for the production of their final cosmetic and plastic products. Finally, Activatec will develop the overall process simulation for the optimization of the biorefinery and the manufacturing of the compounds and then analyse the economic viability of the new value chains proposed.