Project Partners


Material and biochemical development

Novamont is an Italian industrial company whose roots lie in the Montedison School of Materials Science and which was set up to implement the ambitious project of some researchers from the chemical corporation: to integrate chemistry, agriculture and the environment. Founded in 1989, it is now worldwide leader in the sector of biodegradable and compostable bioplastics and in the development of bioproducts.

Novamont’s mission is to develop materials and biochemicals through the integration of chemistry and agriculture, by starting up biorefineries in the local areas and providing application solutions that ensure efficient use of resources throughout their entire life cycle, with advantages for the social, economic and environmental system.

What they do

Novamont promotes an approach to bioeconomy based on the efficient use of renewable resources and on the regeneration of local areas, building world-first plants based on proprietary technologies and revitalising industrial sites that are decommissioned or no longer competitive to create new industries, new products and new jobs.

Besides being an industrial company, Novamont is also a research centre which covers a wide range of expertise and specializations, with equipment and facilities ranging from laboratory scale activities to innovative pilot plants. Over the years it has developed five proprietary technologies for the production of bioplastics and bioproducts, creating synergies between the different areas of study (Bioplastics, Biotechnology, Agronomics and Organic Chemistry).

Role in project

Within DEEP PURPLE project, Novamont will be involved in the biotechnological conversion of sustainable feedstock into building blocks for the formulation of new bioplastics for the targeted industrial applications.