Project Partners



RNB is a laboratory  specializing in the creation of global cosmetic solutions.

What they do

RNB is dedicated to the research, development and production of fragrances and facial, body and solar care products among other cosmetic products. With 30 years of experience in cosmetics their laboratory is one of the largest ones in Europe, with a turnover of more than € 90 million per year. RNBs research, development and innovation team continually works to incorporate the latest developments and trends in the cosmetic market. This is how they develop innovative and surprising formulas, textures and experiences, launching around 60 products per year, about 5 new products per month. Currently, their portfolio consists of more than 500 products for sale internationally. Their workforce is composed by more than 500 people. RNB has established a unique and differential customer-centric supply model that allows them to develop their products suiting the needs of each one of them. This is also possible thanks to the team work with their suppliers and with the different retailers, the adaptation to the market and the knowledge of the consumer as well as the cosmetic business.

Role in project

RNB will produce 2 cosmetic products with ectoine obtained from urban waste streams in the RNB laboratories located in Valencia (Spain).