Work for DEEP PURPLE at URJC, Spain

Job Offer Deep Purple
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The University Rey Juan Carlos offers a Research Assistant position for working under the frame of the European Project DEEP PURPLE (GA No.: 837998) with the following RESPONSIBILITIES:

  • To operate and maintain a pilot-scale bio-refinery consisting on: A pair of 0.5 m3 photo-bioreactors, where purple phototrophic bacteria will evolve
    Pumping units for inlet, outlet and recirculation of the plant
    A pair of settling units
    A microwave volumetric heating unit for biomass pasteurization
    A decanter for biomass dewatering
    A sludge infrared drier
  • To analyse all the macroscopic parameters for the operation of the pilot-plant, including: COD, VSS/TSS, N and P forms, among others
  • To analyse the biomass for agronomic characteristics and PHA content and characterization
  • To analyse the pathogens reduction through standard methodologies
  • To write scientific documents and preliminary reports

– A one-year contract.
– Competitive salary.
–  Working in a high-level scientific-technical environment, with an emerging technology where the URJC is a pioneer in the EU.

– MS on chemical engineering, environmental engineering, environmental biotechnology, wastewater treatment or similar
–  Experience on pilot-plan operation
–  Experience on biological wastewater treatment
–  Availability to travel locally (surroundings of Madrid)
–  To be in good fit to operate large and heavy equipment
–  Proficiency in English
–  Immediate incorporation.

Valuable skills:
–  Knowledge on agronomy and fertilizers properties
–  Open mind
–  Proactivity
–  Team worker
–  Problem-solving attitude


Please note: Only EU researchers or foreigners with residence permit for at least one year can be accepted.

Download the entire job description: Research Assistant-DEEP PURPLE and find more information here.